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Thread: Klik Base

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    Klik Base

    I saw that Klik works with Knoppix because it is a LiveCD and the basic packages doesn`t change.
    So which package does Klik depends that are in Knoppix LiveCD(only the basic ones)?

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    Currently klik assumes the following base if it doesn't recognize your distribution:

    Package: aalib1
    Package: adduser
    Package: apt
    Package: arj
    Package: ark
    Package: base-files
    Package: base-passwd
    Package: bash
    Package: bc
    Package: binutils
    Package: bsdmainutils
    Package: bsdutils
    Package: bzip2
    Package: cdparanoia
    Package: cdrdao
    Package: cdrecord
    Package: console-common
    Package: console-data
    Package: coreutils
    Package: cpio
    Package: cpp
    Package: cpp-3.3
    Package: cron
    Package: cupsys
    Package: cupsys-bsd
    Package: cupsys-client
    Package: debconf
    Package: debconf-i18n
    Package: debconf-utils
    Package: debhelper
    Package: debianutils
    Package: defoma
    Package: diff
    Package: dosfstools
    Package: dpkg
    Package: dpkg-dev
    Package: dselect
    Package: dvd+rw-tools
    Package: e2fslibs
    Package: e2fsprogs
    Package: eject
    Package: enscript
    Package: esound-common
    Package: file
    Package: findutils
    Package: fontconfig
    Package: foomatic-bin
    Package: foomatic-db
    Package: foomatic-db-engine
    Package: foomatic-db-gimp-print
    Package: foomatic-db-hpijs
    Package: foomatic-filters
    Package: ftp
    Package: g++
    Package: g++-3.3
    Package: gawk
    Package: gcc
    Package: gcc-3.3
    Package: gcc-3.3-base
    Package: gconf2
    Package: gettext
    Package: gettext-base
    Package: grep
    Package: groff-base
    Package: gs-common
    Package: gs-esp
    Package: gsfonts
    Package: gsfonts-x11
    Package: gv
    Package: gzip
    Package: hdparm
    Package: hicolor-icon-theme
    Package: hostname
    Package: hotplug
    Package: hpijs
    Package: html2text
    Package: ifupdown
    Package: ijsgimpprint
    Package: intltool-debian
    Package: k3b
    Package: k3blibs
    Package: kate
    Package: kcalc
    Package: kcontrol
    Package: kdeadmin-kfile-plugins
    Package: kdebase-bin
    Package: kdebase-data
    Package: kdebase-kio-plugins
    Package: kdegraphics-kfile-plugins
    Package: kdelibs-bin
    Package: kdelibs-data
    Package: kdelibs4
    Package: kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins
    Package: kdepasswd
    Package: kdeprint
    Package: kdesktop
    Package: kfax
    Package: kfind
    Package: kfloppy
    Package: kghostview
    Package: khelpcenter
    Package: kicker
    Package: klaptopdaemon
    Package: klipper
    Package: klogd
    Package: kmenuedit
    Package: kmix
    Package: konqueror
    Package: konqueror-nsplugins
    Package: konsole
    Package: kppp
    Package: krfb
    Package: ksmserver
    Package: ksnapshot
    Package: ksplash
    Package: ksysguard
    Package: ksysguardd
    Package: kuser
    Package: kviewshell
    Package: kwin
    Package: less
    Package: libacl1
    Package: libao2
    Package: libart-2.0-2
    Package: libarts1
    Package: libartsc0
    Package: libasound2
    Package: libaspell15
    Package: libatk1.0-0
    Package: libattr1
    Package: libaudio2
    Package: libaudiofile0
    Package: libblkid1
    Package: libbz2-1.0
    Package: libc6
    Package: libc6-dev
    Package: libcap1
    Package: libcdparanoia0
    Package: libcomerr2
    Package: libcupsimage2
    Package: libcupsys2-gnutls10
    Package: libcurl2
    Package: libcurl3
    Package: libdb1-compat
    Package: libdb3
    Package: libdb4.2
    Package: libdps1
    Package: libdv4
    Package: libesd0
    Package: libexif10
    Package: libexpat1
    Package: libfam0c102
    Package: libflac++2c102
    Package: libflac4
    Package: libfontconfig1
    Package: libfreetype6
    Package: libgcc1
    Package: libgconf2-4
    Package: libgcrypt11
    Package: libgdbm3
    Package: libgimpprint1
    Package: libglade2-0
    Package: libglib1.2
    Package: libglib2.0-0
    Package: libgnutls11
    Package: libgpg-error0
    Package: libgphoto2-2
    Package: libgphoto2-port0
    Package: libgpmg1
    Package: libgtk1.2
    Package: libgtk1.2-common
    Package: libgtk2.0-0
    Package: libgtk2.0-bin
    Package: libgtk2.0-common
    Package: libgtkspell0
    Package: libhtml-parser-perl
    Package: libhtml-tagset-perl
    Package: libhtml-tree-perl
    Package: libice6
    Package: libid3-3.8.3
    Package: libid3tag0
    Package: libidl0
    Package: libidn11
    Package: libijs-0.35
    Package: libiw27
    Package: libjasper-1.701-1
    Package: libjpeg-progs
    Package: libjpeg62
    Package: libkonq4
    Package: libkrb53
    Package: liblcms1
    Package: libldap2
    Package: liblircclient0
    Package: liblocale-gettext-perl
    Package: liblockfile1
    Package: liblzo1
    Package: libmad0
    Package: libmagic1
    Package: libmikmod2
    Package: libmng1
    Package: libncurses5
    Package: libnetpbm10
    Package: libnewt0.51
    Package: libnspr4
    Package: libnss3
    Package: libogg0
    Package: liboggflac1
    Package: libopencdk8
    Package: liborbit2
    Package: libpam-modules
    Package: libpam-runtime
    Package: libpam0g
    Package: libpango1.0-0
    Package: libpango1.0-common
    Package: libpaper1
    Package: libpcre3
    Package: libperl5.8
    Package: libpng12-0
    Package: libpopt0
    Package: libqt3c102-mt
    Package: libraw1394-5
    Package: libreadline4
    Package: libsasl2
    Package: libsdl1.2debian
    Package: libsensors3
    Package: libslp1
    Package: libsm6
    Package: libsmbclient
    Package: libsndfile1
    Package: libspeex1
    Package: libss2
    Package: libssl0.9.7
    Package: libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2
    Package: libstdc++5
    Package: libstdc++5-3.3-dev
    Package: libsvga1
    Package: libtag1
    Package: libtasn1-2
    Package: libtext-charwidth-perl
    Package: libtext-iconv-perl
    Package: libtext-wrapi18n-perl
    Package: libtiff4
    Package: libungif4g
    Package: liburi-perl
    Package: libusb-0.1-4
    Package: libuuid1
    Package: libvorbis0a
    Package: libvorbisenc2
    Package: libvorbisfile3
    Package: libwrap0
    Package: libwww-perl
    Package: libx11-6
    Package: libxaw7
    Package: libxcursor1
    Package: libxext6
    Package: libxft1
    Package: libxft2
    Package: libxi6
    Package: libxine1
    Package: libxml2
    Package: libxmu6
    Package: libxmuu1
    Package: libxp6
    Package: libxpm4
    Package: libxrandr2
    Package: libxrender1
    Package: libxslt1.1
    Package: libxt6
    Package: libxtrap6
    Package: libxtst6
    Package: libxv1
    Package: locales
    Package: login
    Package: logrotate
    Package: make
    Package: makedev
    Package: man-db
    Package: manpages
    Package: mbr
    Package: menu-xdg
    Package: mkisofs
    Package: module-init-tools
    Package: mpg321
    Package: ncurses-base
    Package: ncurses-bin
    Package: net-tools
    Package: netbase
    Package: netkit-inetd
    Package: netpbm
    Package: passwd
    Package: patch
    Package: pciutils
    Package: pcmcia-cs
    Package: perl
    Package: perl-base
    Package: perl-modules
    Package: perl-suid
    Package: po-debconf
    Package: poster
    Package: ppp
    Package: pppoe
    Package: procps
    Package: psmisc
    Package: psutils
    Package: python
    Package: python2.3
    Package: reiserfsprogs
    Package: samba
    Package: samba-common
    Package: sed
    Package: slang1
    Package: slang1a-utf8
    Package: smbclient
    Package: smbfs
    Package: sox
    Package: ssh
    Package: sysklogd
    Package: sysvinit
    Package: tar
    Package: tcl8.4
    Package: tcpd
    Package: tk8.4
    Package: traceroute
    Package: ttf-bitstream-vera
    Package: ttf-freefont
    Package: ucf
    Package: unzip
    Package: usbutils
    Package: util-linux
    Package: vorbis-tools
    Package: wget
    Package: whiptail
    Package: wireless-tools
    Package: xaw3dg
    Package: xbase-clients
    Package: xfonts-100dpi
    Package: xfonts-75dpi
    Package: xfonts-base
    Package: xfonts-scalable
    Package: xlibmesa-dri
    Package: xlibmesa-gl
    Package: xlibmesa-glu
    Package: xlibs
    Package: xlibs-data
    Package: xmms
    Package: xserver-common
    Package: xterm
    Package: xutils
    Package: zip
    Package: zlib1g

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    thx just what i needed

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    Are you developing a klik-optimized distro? If so, please let us know

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    i am working(more acuarate,i am planning) on making a linux distro that will have a click-n-run just like MacOSX.
    in this distro the applications(and librarys) will be sparte to two kinds:

    1.Sytem (Library and applications- windows managers,supporting libs(QT,GTK,FLTK),system apps(coreutils,binutils,compilers,consoles apps,Desktop Eviroments)).
    2.User (Mostly applications-Gimp,Media players,Games,Browsers etc.).

    While all the user applications will be in a /Applications Directory and will be an Cmg with meta-data(Icon,Version...).(All the Users can "install" to it but one user can block writing/reading/executing(if he is the one that "installed" it) from other user using permissions).
    the System applications will be manged from apt-get or some other package manager.(you need super user account for changing these apps and libs).

    the main idea is to make installing software on linux just a matter of drag-n-drop to the Application Dir(i think we could even make an installers for Drivers and Closed-Source apps like java and flash so they could be installed with a click(i will need only the root password for it)).

    right now i am doing some testing under a chroot in ubuntu so if i have any results i will post it here.

    i have some questions: there any way to make an cmg that have a icon and some meta data(it just like a .desktop file but with a cmg)?
    2.the "base" system is quite large and don`t really have the basics applications and libs(why XMMS,K3b,Ark-they are an user aplications*) ,could it be smaller?


    *even if a application depend on it (like in kde you can create a music cd from your juk playlist) you can change it in the config file of the application or if it doesn`t support it you can make a script with the name of application(in this case K3B) that will be(lets say) in /usr/bin that will run k3b`s cmg.

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    Hi urielka,

    that sounds like an extremely cool project, please keep me updated.

    Quote Originally Posted by urielka there any way to make an cmg that have a icon and some meta data(it just like a .desktop file but with a cmg)?
    I don't know of any that keeps all inside one file (which is the cmg philosophy). See

    Quote Originally Posted by urielka
    2.the "base" system is quite large and don`t really have the basics applications and libs(why XMMS,K3b,Ark-they are an user aplications*) ,could it be smaller?
    Yes, definitely. It can be as small as you want it, but then the cmg files get bigger in case they need some dependencies that are not in the base system. The above is the "least common denominator" from Kanotix, Knoppix, and Mepis. But it can be further reduced, you can safely leave out the GUI applications. If you also reduce the libs, then I must adjust the klik server according to your package list.


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