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Thread: LiveCD Install -- File Path Help

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    LiveCD Install -- File Path Help

    The best way to answer my many questions is by asking "Is it possible to boot the Knoppix 3.8.1 LiveCD and perform a Linux install such that a reboot is not required?" This can be refined by adding "After a 'knoppix-installer' session of installing to /dev/hda1, can I transfer control to the computer (/dev/hda1) so that everything will run from the Hard Disk and not the CD?" The CD is the speed bottleneck of a LiveCD system.

    After installing Knoppix 3.8.1 via the 'knoppix-installer' script, I needed to modify /etc/lilo.conf to add "acpi=off" to the boot string.

    Not knowing how to edit hda1:/etc/lilo.conf, I simply rebooted. As is noted elsewhere on this forum, my PS2 mouse was not installed since "acpi=off" had not been added to the lilo.conf boot string. The Knoppix CD creates a virtual filesystem. Where is the partition (hda1) to which it installed the new system?

    How can I edit the file hda1:/etc/lilo.conf and not a virtual copy? I need to edit the actual file on hda1 so that when I reboot, 'acpi=off' is read from the new file at hda1:/etc/lilo.conf.

    Thanks, Bob

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    1. you edit lilo.conf as root, from terminal or graficaly, from Konqueror (my prefer way)
    2. you must save what you did
    3. now, you must perform command LILO from terminal, you will see masage if all is good.

    After that, your new lilo will work.

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