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Thread: Asking about games under linux

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    Asking about games under linux

    Hello All,

    i heard about WineX that emulate the DirectX used to run windows games,
    Can any one help with that..

    i dont have much info..

    Or there's another solution to run games??

    Note: Most people here in Egypt are afraid of linux because of the lack of support
    give to games..please's my first topic..

    Thanks a lot ..

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    I don't use wine or winex. Hopefully someone with winex experience will help you.

    Have you tried searching the forums? Search for WineX and you will find other people who have used it recently.

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    hi tarek i hread that winex can run some games not all of them like(qauke3,domm,world of warcraft usw)but it will coust u about 5 $ because it is supported of the company but there was afree released ,that is not supported and not as goog as the first u can it by winecvs

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