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Thread: desktop full of hard drive icons

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    desktop full of hard drive icons

    just installed knoppix on a laptop with desktop full of hard drive icons, what is the best way to delete them. also may want to reinstall this as i did beginner install, but would like the live cd or 2rd option installation. what is the diference b/w the beginner and cd like install


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    what is the best way to delete them.
    Easy way is to highlight the one at top left and shift click on the one bottom right (so that they're all selected. Now right click and select delete.

    This is a pretty wierd error. Which version are you using? What labels do the HD's carry?

    The difference between beginer and liveCD install is that the second simply replicates the CD on hard drive. Myself, I'd go for the Debian install every time.

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    I am reinstalling knoppix 3.8 debian install from step one, then step 2 is just copying the file to hard drive with no option to partition the drive, it appears to be automatic, don't know if this is right way of installing knoppix.


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