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Thread: NX server in Knoppix 3.7 - Help Required

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    NX server in Knoppix 3.7 - Help Required

    1. I want to connect to a Linux server from a windows PC and run a Java based SAP GUI on the Linux server.

    2. I have tried plain X , VNC , etc. However, I find them to be too heavy on my network which is TDMA VSAT based (very very low bandwidth with high latency).

    3. I have installed Knoppix 3.7 on Hard Disk and also NX Server. I am able to connect to NX server from a Windows PC using NX Client. I am yet to measure the bandwidth required. I feel it would be much lower than plain X or VNC.

    My question is as follows :

    1. Is it possible for an administrator to capture the screen of another user and "guide" him - similar to remote control programmes? (Mouse movement should be visible to both). How to do it ? (DISPLAY= ? or some other method?).

    2. How can we do that under the described environment of NX server / client?

    Thank you in advance

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    You can share your desktop using VNC. To do this, select:

    k -> system -> desktop sharing

    You generate an invitation to use the same desktop you see in local (x:0 server).

    I dont' know if you acn do it with nx but, I don't think so because when you connect with nx you are starting a new session in the remote machine.

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