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Thread: Knoppix saved our day - thanks Klaus and team!

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    Knoppix saved our day - thanks Klaus and team!

    Hi all,

    Thanks a ton to Klaus Knopper and all those who worked with him to develop Knoppix!

    Just started using Knoppix recently - got it from the Linux For You CD of February. LFY is a new Indian monthly magazine.

    Soon after, I had a client with a problem - a Linux system crash, couldn't boot from the hard disk - and, guess what's new, had no backups. Using the Knoppix CD, I was able to boot the system and recover his data from the hard disk.

    I've written an article about this, which is scheduled to be published in the May issue of Linux For You. Caveat - it's targeted at beginners to Linux troubleshooting.

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    I've had the same experience myself. It's nice to know you can tinker around and risk trashing your system without really suffering for it. And what's more, Knoppix is the only distro I've tried where the internet, sound, and printer all magically worked without spending hours struggling with /etc/obscuretextfile.conf (this is after trying Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, and Yoper with varying degrees of failure).

    It's going on my hard drive soon.

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