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Thread: Where is the "Knoppix Live Installer" in Kno 3.8.2

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    Where is the "Knoppix Live Installer" in Kno 3.8.2

    Hi everyone:

    I hope I'm posting this question in the right forum. Apologize if I didn't.

    I'm a normal Windows user trying Linux with Knoppix so, I'm still a n00b.

    I have "Knoppix Hacks" book of O'Reilly Series and I was reading Hack #27 "Use the Knoppix Live Installer" (Pg 86 1st Ed) and I couldn't find this script in any of the Desktop's Menu of Knoppix 3.8.2

    I went to my old kno 3.7 and ineed it was there. I really liked that script. I used it to download the Flash plug-in and it was a lot easier than downloading and installing the plug thro a terminal.

    I'd like to use this script in kno 3.8 so I can use f-prot, gkrellm, etc. Where can I find it or how can I export it from 3.7 to 3.8?


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    The Live Installer script was a hack to allow you to "install" programs to the running Knoppix system. It was a workaround or a make-do because normally you can't install new programs on a read-only CDR LiveCD. This has all changed in Knoppix 3.8.x because of UnionFS. The Knoppix developers included UnionFS and have overlayed (via UnionFS) a portion of the ramdisk on top of the root / of the Knoppix CD, thus we now have "write access" what was once a read-only CDR. Search the forums for unionfs to learn more about unionfs in knoppix and/or use google to read up on unionfs.

    The Live installer script is no longer included because it is no longer necessary to use a work around. Assuming that the network & internet access is properly configured, to install gkrellm (or any available Debian package) on Knoppix 3.8.x, you need to update the system's package lists & then install the package:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install gkrellm

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for show me the path. I'll do it tommorrow

    I'm going to play Halo 2 right now


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