okay for 2 weeks i have been desperately trying to use knoppix. i love the look and feel and all the custumizations etc. i can fianally see why microsoft has the monopoly. this just does not work! i try to watch a dvd and it tells me i can't even though i installed a dvd player. i try to burn a cd it says i can't i don't have permission! permission from who???? this is my f**king computer you stupid f**king b*stards. so i calm down and go to the forums for help and get nice directions like: type blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. where the f**k am i supposed to do this!!!???? man i'll tell you as much as i hate windows and that stupid b*stard bill gates i can see why he has the market share and why everybody uses windows.
1) if you download a program you simply install it and it does what it says, you don't have to do 4 hours of research to try to figure out how to install it by typing some b*llshit to god knows where. just click and install.
2)then once installed you just click on it an viola you can actually run that program!! amazing!
3)you don't have to go to college to learn how to do anything as it is all pretty self explanitory.

the funniest thing about all this is: i am a computer tech by profession, i make a living building, selling, and repairing computers. there is very little i cannot do in windows, all from hands on experience. i rarely have to look up how to do something in windows, but if i want to anything in linux i have to spend hours looking for the answer. and all i ever find is some dude (or dudette) saying it is simple really just type _____ ___ _ ___ and that will do it. okay dude (or dudettet) wherre the f**ck do i type that. just anywhere and linux will magically know what i mean???!!!! wtf. i appreciate all the people who try to help, but come one man try to remember if we knew where to type this crap we wouldn't be asking! you guys who use linux all the time have to remember we don't but we want to the linux movement cannot continue without new users and frankly if we can't figure it out we will go back to what is easy to use and works: windows.
i am so sorry but i am so pissed off that i cannot burn a cd or watch a movie, unless i go into windows where i have no problem
my favorite thing though is when MY computer tells me i don't have permission or the rights do something. let me tell you something you stupid sh*t this is my computer i'll do whatever i want. if it means i have to use windows so be it.
if i am having this much trouble imagine the poor sods who are fooled into thinking they can buy a better os than windows spend all their money to order a nice cd set with a HUGE book only to find they still can't do anything with their computer.
i am so frustrated yet i still want to use linux on my computer!
wanting to vent