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Thread: simple knoppix modification

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    simple knoppix modification

    I am polish Linux user. I usually use Debian. But from time to time I have to work on not my machines. Then Knoppix come to help.
    But ... Knoppix is missing TTF fonts. There are public available ones from Microsoft (now Sourceforge) site. Due to its licence, they cannot be put directly on Knoppix original CD. But for my (and possibly others) personal use, it can be very handy to include them on CD.
    My question is: how can it be done in the simpliest way?
    I've thought about mounting ISO image, copying files to hard disk (only .ttf), then ttfmkdir, mkisofs and cdrecord. I am only aware of 2 things - won't be image size too big? would openoffice and others use it directly, without problems?

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    ttfonts on knoppix

    Have you tried the howto below?

    You should be able to install fonts this way and either save your settings on a floppy or try your hand at remastering.

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