Hey guys, when I first installed Knoppix to my hdd I didnt even bother to see how big the drive was, so I simply used the suggested sizes for the install:

3-4gigs Main Space
400mb - 600mb for SWAP drive.

Well now that I just relized when I looked at my drive specs (right clicked HDA2 and went to properties)
it says :

Free disk space: 2.5 GB out of 4.8 GB (49% used)

So I questioned this and then had to check for myself. I went into root console using (Ctrl + Alt + F2) and went into
cfdisk. And sure enough, theres 4.8 gigs of free space just sitting there between HDA2 and my swap partition.

Well I took it into my own hands to try to maximize the primary partition and sure enough that messed up. Restarted and wouldnt boot back into knoppix. I fixed that though by loading the live cd, going back into cfdisk and removing the maximize flag on the primary partition.

Well, what I want to know is:

Is there a way to take the free space that I have, and add it to the primary partition without having to reinstall, or loose any files? I dont want to just make another partition and have it as a storage area. I actually need the space on the same drive because of a server I host and Im starting to run out of space (Yes I know not even at 50% yet, but its growing fast).

Thanks in advance for the help.