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Thread: Learning game development on knoppix.

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    Learning game development on knoppix.

    Hello all,

    First I asked this question on General suppor forum but I think this would be the right place to get quick reply so repeating the question here.

    I have downloaded Knoppix 3.8.2 CD and running on my harddisk with fromhd cheatcode and with persisitent home ...

    Now, I am a C++ programmer and want to learn game programming on Linux. I tried to work on some examples with SDL and found that it is not included in knoppix..My question is : are there similar libraries included in knoppix? I dont have internet at home, so I cannot install with klik. I would also like to know about some internet resources i can use for learning game development with available libraries in knoppix.


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    No clue, here...

    My best guess, is, google, google, google

    Possibly places on sourceforge, but, a general rule is, try looking / searching with google - it hasnt failed me yet

    Not really sure if this helped, immediately, but, it can get you resources for searching,
    Ms. Cuddles

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    It depends on what kind of game you want to program. I like multiplayer on line games like:

    -Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (already there)
    -America's Army (800-900 megs )
    -PlaneShift (MMPO )
    -Cube ( ) -these guys encourage source developement
    -X-pilot (fairly low-res, simple)
    -BZ flag (also fairly simple)
    -Paradise (netrek - )

    You should probably start with something simple, download the source code, and make little changes to it and see if they work to get an idea of whats involved before you start on a full-fledged game from scratch.


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