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Thread: doesnt' always boot, locks up randomly

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    doesnt' always boot, locks up randomly

    I have installed Knoppix to the hard-drive... I thought my problems were hardware related. Unfortunately I found that not having the memory in there didn't do me any good. Its still booting and freezing. It randomly freezes on any different task. So sometimes it freezes during boot sometimes it freezes when I am moving the mouse around after its been up and running for 15 minutes.

    So I have tried everything including booting up from the cd which gives me just about the same problem. So I was trying to run it off of a 1.60 cel processor with 512 RAM and a 20 gig hard-drive and its not going well. Perhaps someone knows something I do not? Its recognizing my motherboard its showing all the ram is there and its even showing that it can see my hard-drive and cdrom.

    It all should be working but for some strange reason it is not working properly.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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    have you tried the different boot cheats?

    nodma noscsi mite be a good start

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