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Thread: How shall I migrate to the DVD version?

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    I didn't think about any file size limitations on FAT32. I just started downloading the torrent version of the iso to a FAT32 partition on my data drive. I'm using XPproSP2 if that makes any difference. My only NTFS partition is the one XP is on. I have the room but I'd rather just use the 2nd drive's storage partitions.

    Should I stop Torrent and move everything over to the NTFS partition?

    Nevermind. I saw the post just prior to this and decided to move it all over to the desktop. My seed rate is already exceeding my leech rate by 3x.

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    Re: How shall I migrate to the DVD version?

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Kuhman
    The DVD version of Knoppix is fast approaching and I just realized that I'm likely to have a problem. How am I going to download and make that new DVD?

    I do have a DVD burner, that's not the problem. But it's on my Win98 system. The one with all FAT partitions on the hard disk. The one that can't have files larger than 4 gig. If The Knoppix DVD iso is larger than 4 gig, how am I going to burn it?

    I do have XP, but it's on my notebook, with a combo CDRW writer and DVD reader there. Can't make my DVD there. Of course, I can boot Knoppix on the desktop with the DVD writer, but I'll still have the FAT file sizes to deal with.

    What should I do? Can I pull off downloading the ISO into XP (unfortunately, I shrunk my NTFS partition to make space for a Linux campatable FAT partition on the small notebook hard disk and don't have enough space for a >4 gig download there now) and somehow burn a DVD with Knoppix from a shared file across the network? That seems like an invitation to buffer underruns, even with burn-proof technology. Or is there an obvious solution I'm missing? I sure don't want to get XP for this old desktop just to burn a Knoppix DVD.

    Of course, the first Knoppix DVD iso might be less than 4 gig, but I don't expect it, unless it were done that way exactly because of the problem I've stated. I rather expect though that the focus will be on packing every application they can onto that DVD. I just hope it includes all of the great games that have vanished from the ISO since I saw my first 3.1 version.

    Maybe I can figure out a way to shrink a partition on the desktop system and then make a Linux partition that will not have the 4 gig limit. Use Knoppix to download the ISO to it and hope that Knoppix supports my Dual Layer Benq DVD burner. Sure wish that Knoppix contained one of the newer versions of Bittorrent though, the new versions download cleanly for me, the old versions overwhelm my upload capacity and as a result the download grinds to a halt (that will sure be an issue getting a popular DVD size download).
    You're hung up on the file size limitation in FAT. The file size limitation doesn't mean you can't store the entire image. Boot knoppix on your desktop, and do something like this:

    wget -O - http://url/to/knoppix.iso | split -b 2147483648 - knoppix.iso-part
    cat knoppix.iso-part* | md5sum
    cat knoppix.iso-part* | cdrecord -v dev=/dev/hdc speed=4 -

    You are of course using bootfrom=... or toram or something like that to make the DVD-burner available.

    Ketil Froyn

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