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Thread: Anyone has Midi problem like this?

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    Anyone has Midi problem like this?

    Got the Knoppix DVD burnt and tried out rosegarden4 on 4 computers, the best that I got is rosegarden4 plays once of my midi file but emit no sound if I stop it and play it again. I have to reboot in order to play my midi file, of course only once.

    I'm running "timidity -iA" as an ALSA server. I can play my midi file fine using timidity own interface i.e. "timidity -ia". I installed Kmid and vkeybd. Their interfaces show up, but no midi sound. I guess the problem seems to be on Timidity server.

    I use the control center, the sound test works fine, but I hear nothing from the midi test.

    Is there any troubleshooting guide for the sound and midi? as one of my computer reports no sound card at all. One reports the sound card, but no sound. One reports the sound card and can play music, but just no midi. Help!!!!


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    Re: Anyone has Midi problem like this?

    Did more troubleshooting, I can replicate the problem using "pmidi". I'm more convinced that the problem may be in the "timidity -iA", the ALSA server.

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    Just want to report my success to get these things to work together.

    1. Run alsaconf under root.
    It will configure the sound card to load the corresponding drivers. Did a lot of crucial steps to make those drivers to work.
    2. Run timidity -iA -Os.
    I still don't understand why timidity cannot output to the sound card directly, but outputting to Alsa is working fine. Now I can use pmidi to play my midi file through timidity.
    3. Run Rosegarden4
    Now everything is working. Since the alsaconf will establish one more midi port corresponding to alsaconf which I never able to play correctly. However, those Timidity ports work fine as pmidi.

    It looks like an ugly workaround, at least it is working so I can start to use Rosegarden for my project. I don't know it is a problem with timidity or the alsa stuff.

    There are some good doc in TLDP Even though it didn't help directly, but still a good read to understand how the sound works.


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