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    "Xenoppix-x86_64(Xen3.0.2+KNOPPIX-x86_64-5.0.1) CD size" is released. It exploits latest CPU (Intel Core2 Duo and AMD Athlon64).

    Special Features
    Xenoppix-x86_64 also works as KNOPPIX-x86_64.
    It includes GCC for X86_64. We could compile and run our applications. We compared Pi calculation between normal 32 bit KNOPPIX and KNOPPIX-x86_64. We confirmed approximately KNOPPIX-x86_64 makes twice faster than 32 bit KNOPPIX. (The following list shows the results.)
    Xenoppix-x86_64 boots both X86 and X86_64 linux kernel on HVM of Xen.
    We could run KNOPPIX-x86_64, Quantian(kerenl2.6), and ClusterKNOPPIX(kernel2.4+OpenMosix) on HVM of Xenoppix-x86_64.The following figure shows the result.
    Xenoppix-x86_64 looks like KNOPPIX but all packages are replaced for X86_64.
    Boot loader is GRUB which supports EFI. It enables boot on Intel MAC.
    Linux kernel is 2.6.16 for Domain0 of Xen and 2.6.17 for KNOPIX-x86_64.

    KNOPPIX-x86_64, Quantian, and ClusterKNOPPIX running on HVM of Xenoppix-x86_64.

    4 Boot selections of GRUB.
    • KNOPPIX/Xen3.0.2
      It is used to run Domain0 of Xen without memory restriction. If you want to run HVM of xen, please use the second menu.
      KNOPPIX/Xen3.0.2 (Domain0 memory 512MB)
      It is used to run HVM on Domain0 of Xen. 512MB memory is assigned to Domain0.
      KNOPPIX (normal kernel for HVM Domain, noswap nosmp noapic nolapic)
      It is used to run KNOPPIX-x86_64 on HVM.
      KNOPPIX (normal kernel)
      It is used to run as normal KNOPPIX-x86_64.

    To run HVM
    "knoppixHVM" command runs Xenoppix on HVM or other CD bootable OSes.
    # knoppixHVM
    # knoppixHVM [/path/to/isofile] [domain name]
    To run DomainU
    "knoppixU" command runs Xenoppix on DomainU. Unfortunately GUI is not supported because Xvnc is supported for X86_64.
    # knoppixU

    Performance of KNOPPIX-x86_64
    We compared Pi calculation on KNOPPIX-x86_64 and KNOPPIX32. The software
    calculates 3 Million digits of Pi.

    CPU              KNOPPIX-x86_64   KNOPPIX5.0.1
                    (Linux 2.6.17)   (Linux2.6.17)
    AMD Opteron 152         4.96     8.38
    AMD Athlon64x2 4000+    6.59    11.24
    AMD Turion64x2 TL-50    8.28    13.95
    (Acer Aspire 5100)
    Intel Core2 Duo 6400    8.38    12.31
    Intel Core2 DuoT7200   10.58    13.31
    (Intel MAC)
    ISO file: knoppix-x86_64-v5.0.1CD-20061006-xen3.0.2.iso (MD5: 58de7fbb0deda2645228dfd8dacc0414)
    Bittorrent file:

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