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Thread: DVD-R version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tortoise
    Maybe I'm wrong though - do many people buy the CDs, or do most people download them?
    I would much PREFER a CD to dl of ISO's.

    And a DVD version of Knoppix if it included more software I use would be FANTASTIC.

    I am just hoping that a way for those who can not travel to Germany will be made to PURCHASE the DVD. I have no problem in LinuxTAG getting some $$$ to get the DVD and support their efforts.

    Which is one of the reasons why I would rather PURCHASE CD's. Spread the Linux $$$ in the Linux community.

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    You know, I was thinking about an installed version, but of course, a live dvd with vertually every useful program you could possibly want would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thadk
    Hmm, I wonder though because the DVD x's worth more kbs than the equvilent CD x. So with a 16x DVD you're pulling I think the equivilent of 32x CD. I'd have to check the actual values, thats just what my DVD-ROM does.
    CD => DVD = 9x ...

    16xDVD = 144xCD

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    With all of the software they have fit on a CD, imaging how much they could fit on a DVD.

    I don't have a DVD burner, so I'd have to buy it.

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    I'd gladly pay for a Knoppix DVD. However I might wait until the second or third rev so more bugs will have been fixed.

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    I'd love a knoppix DVD(&/or) iso. Don't mind downloading a DVD. I haven't got brodband but I do have plenty of time at the moment. Since trying to re-compile the kernel on redhat (and failing) it would make my life a lot easier! :P

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