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Thread: Indent Command Problem

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    Indent Command Problem

    whenever i try to use indent command ..... it gives me an error

    $indent program.c

    Error:no such command

    how should i use indent command

    i am using bash shell

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    You are posting in the wrong forum. This forum is for Knoppix question and not programming or shell command problems. This post should be in The Lounge.

    Are you studying for a secondary school(high school) or university/college class? If so then you should be reading & testing & experimenting & searching for the answers and not asking for help. I am not doing this to be mean or to hurt you. You need to learn how to learn and you need to learn on your own. If I just give you the answers, then you have learned to ask someone else and not have learned how to learn and probably not have learned the subject too.

    Please go use google. I solved your previous profiler question by using google.

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