i need some help getting vmware to install
and i would like to know if there is anyway to stop my system from locking up
im not sure y it does that

system info
knoppix 3.9 beginners install /w hw dectection
501 mhz processor
80 gb harddrive
310 mb ram /w 1 gb swap
8mb videocard (nvidia vanta lt)
netgear nic /w broadband cable connection
ati tv wonder pro tv card (works with xawtv and tv time)

it (to me at least) tends to lock up when im watching tv and doing other things at one time
if anyone could help me fix this i would apriciate that alot

and also if anyone could help me get vmware installed also ide like that too
i have some programs that cant run on linux (the games factory and parallax pbasic code tokenizer to name a couple)