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Thread: Revised subject: 4.0.2 DVD and CD out now.

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    The Uni-Kaiserslautern site has the EN DVD, but it's no faster than BitTorrent.
    It's now on

    Nice and fast.

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    Harry Kuhman Wrote:
    Thanks for the feedback, please do keep us posted.
    I was able to visit both locations and had no problem downloading at well over 300KB/s with my laptop. It was their settings for their firewalls that were apparently giving them trouble. I added a few new rules, massaged a few settings, did a little Magic Mojo Rain Dance, and they are now downloading at rates I can envy. It was definitely not their ISP. Anyway they are good to go and ready for the next version of Knoppix on the torrents. Meanwhile, they will be seeding the latest files as they can.

    Your note on port triggering is a great one. I have used this on my Linksys router for some time and have set it up for several friends on occasion. It works great for something like BitTorrent. I almost forgot it was there and set up, since I don't have to configure my router in order to download each time.

    Thanks again for your concern, help, and advice!

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    Knoppix 4.02 USB2 fix: linuxrc boot script in minird fixed

    The Knoppix 4.02 cd and dvd release have a typo bug in the linuxrc boot script
    which prevent the USB port to work in the USB2 high speed mode.
    Only the USB1 compatible mode was enabled having about 1MB/Sec
    of transfert rate instead of the +20MB/Sec as expected.
    This is really ennoying, especially when booting Knoppix
    from the ISO cd image located on a USB dongle or an external USB HDD.
    Thank you very much Sergej for the patch.
    I have patched the linuxrc boot script and updated the minirt boot script.
    Please find below a link to the download location:
    This initrd has support for: ntfs, reiser, iso, (dynamic) hostname & usb2
    Best Regards,

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    any ETA on Knoppix 4.1? :-)

    Curious if there is a timeline for a 4.1 release or whether I should just download the latest 4.02?

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    Re: any ETA on Knoppix 4.1? :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by kenyee
    Curious if there is a timeline
    For the most part we are not the developers, be there has been no hint of a newer version posted in these forums. I would suggest going with what is available; or you might always find yourself waiting.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    yeah look i know i havent posted but it so far looks like the newest version of knoppix is bugging out. If it is not one thing its usually another issue. Can e expect a special installment to help fix some of these issues because if the kernel is bugged up the OS is no good. Is there a date currently set for patches for these issues?

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    A post in the Lounge is now saying that Version 5 will hit the German Cbit trade show. Last year it was months after the show before 4.0.1 hit the Internet (and even longer for the "quick rush fix" for 4.0.2), so I expect I'll be using 4.0.2 until late summer.

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