I am having a wonderful time, and I am now frustrated and appealing to the forum for assistance.

I have a running Linux Terminal server on my LAN. I can use PXES's LiveCD to connect to it, without problems. It utilizes client technologies that simplyfies the experience. But KNOPPIX is much more feature rich and is a preferred desktop for my family's use.

Knoppix has the ability to be a Terminal server right off the CD. But, I cannot find the abilty for Knoppix to run X such that I can get a login screen from any Linux server on the LAN running X for its client logins. KNOPPIX doesn't seem to possess the ability anywhere on the KNOPPIX CD's desktop. Since I know the comand that I uses with PXES CD desktop, I try it, too.

To see the problem, it can be gotten to, simply, as follows:
1. Boot KNOPPIX to KDE desktop
2. Open an X-terminal window (i.e. "KONSOLE")
3. Issue command to locate any Linux server to login to (i.e. "X -broadcast")
4. You get error "X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting."

The following forum seems to indicate that Knoppix has a boot sequence issue that causes the problem. (see http://www.linuxgazette.com/node/515 ). But, I find it hard to believe that this problem has gone un-reported to KNOPPIX since discovery in 2003. It seems too simple for KNOPPIX to have fixed, if its the case.

Could someone share with me what is Knopix's design for a Knoppix desktop to connect to any Linux terminal server (e.g. KNOPPIX's or others), please?
Or, if I am to change KNOPPIX boot sequence for its services, how do you recommend I do this when booting from CD (or am I to save something on the HDD for a subsequent boot)?

If anyone has done KNOPPIX terminal server or have used KNOPPIX to connect to a Linux server's X login window on a LAN, how did you do it?