I am trying to run the "KNOPPIX_V4.0DVD-2005-08-16-EN.iso". Looks really nice. knoppix 3.7 was the first Linux distro I installed, and I really liked it. I've been running Simply Mepis for awhile now and I like it too but it has been a little buggy lately when it comes to updates, upgrades. anyway. I'm wanting to go back to knoppix but I'm having a problem with the live dvd. Two problems sound and internet. I'm writting this on the 3.8 live cd with no problems sound works too that was what I liked about knoppix. I don't know maybe the burn was bad. I'm familiar with md5sum for the cd's. Will k3b check in the same way on dvd's. I saw nothing to download in my travels to compare to an md5sum for the dvd. anyway when It is booting the sound starts and gets stuck initiating/ initiating/ initiating/ initiating etc. Never Stops. Never thought that voice could be agravating. I have 2 snd cards and 2 ethernet cards in my machine. My attempts at configuring both met with nada, nothing. thought maybe someone might have had the same problem or just have some ideas.