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Thread: My internet does not work after knoppix 3.9 install

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    My internet does not work after knoppix 3.9 install

    I just installed knoppix 3.9 on my home PC; I try to do apt-get or to use kpackage, but to no avail. It would not even connect to the internet. I can not access web-pages. Is there a way to setup network such that I can get my internet up and running?

    There is a switch linking my two machines. The mepis machine runs fine, but my knoppix machine doesn't. I have tried dsl linux on that machine, and even from the livecd, it accesses the network.

    I am put back that there is no synaptic. kpackage is a little too difficult for me to use in terms of disabling the sources like non-us debian, that is not required.

    Is there a step by step way of making network successful?

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    We have cautioned new users from installing Knoppix to the HD without first being aware that it might not work for them You have run into a known issue with Knoppix 3.9 HD Installs in that it breaks networking.

    The bug is documented as #15 and can be resolved by entering the command as root user:
    ln -s /etc/init.d/ifupdown-clean /etc/rcS.d/S18ifupdown-clean

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