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Thread: Any success installing DVD to HD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotech
    I got the same Kernel panic problem with the 4.02 CD HD install, I will try another download.
    Why will you try another download? Did you download from the mirrors, which are known to have corruption issues? Did you not check the md5 sum, a very simple step that would completely assure you that you have a good download or save you lots of time by letting you know that the download was corrupt?

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    Is there any success with the 4.02 HDD installer ?

    I have the same kernel panic. I already posted it here.

    Some problems with the /dev permissions. Does anyone know ?

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    Success every time with installing 4.0.2, using two different DVD s from two different sources.
    But it won't run X. It always stops with a message:
    'Not starting X display manager (xdm); it is not the default display manager'
    followed by a range of dma timeouts, etc.
    and crashes.
    Maybe one of the cheat codes would help? dma? - so many, how and when to access?; any suggestions, please?

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    Well folks I must have been very lucky! 4.02 installed like a breeze ( HP 733n w/ 120GB HD Maxtor & 512 ram) The only problem I had was it killed the network and I had to like Ewan said do the sudo routine and redo the network setup. Detection went fine though I had a couple of confusing moments when it would not tell me if it was seeing eth0 or 1. The "ifconfig" cmd solved that issue. BTW, thanks for the info on the DVD burning issues lotech. I generally burn mine at usb 1.1 speeds but youer info explains why I am getting so many coasters on the dvd-r's I've tried to write.

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