Don't have a DVD burner...yet. But wanted to see what was on the new DVD. Downloaded it and then used the bootfrom= cheatcode to boot the iso. Very cool feature, thanks Fabian. Used a 3.8.2 CD to boot it, and it worked for the most part. Got a slew of errors while booting about not finding lib modules 2.6.11. I see the kernel on the DVD is 2.6.12. Didn't think it would boot up at all with all the errors, but it did. Internet browsers wouldn't work. But the games I tried seemed to work OK. Probably not too stable of a system running it this way, but at least I get to check it out. Looking forward to trying this with the 4.0 CD. LOTS of stuff on that DVD edition.

I used Azureus to DL it. It almost overwhelms my old PIII 500 with Win 98. Wonder if there is any live linux CDs with a torrent program on them. Might work better than Win 98. Don't think Knoppix has one on it. Don't remember any mention of it in the forums.