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    hey guiys i need help. i have an AMD athlon processor, running windows ME, and have 64mb ram. i kno 64mb ram is not sufficient to run KDE, but can i parttiition it to the HD? when i did it once, it kept making the screen go out of range and show a movi g box around the screen.

    i hope someone will reply tothis text.thankyou

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    Re: hi

    Quote Originally Posted by littledaz
    i kno 64mb ram is not sufficient to run KDE, but can i parttiition it to the HD?
    What version of Knoppix are you running?

    You can run KDE on such a limited system if you have a sufficiently large swapfile. I'm not that familiar with WinME, but from what I've read WinME seems to use the FAT filesystem instead of NTFS. If that is the case, Knoppix will have no problem creating a swapfile of, say, 140 MB on a FAT-formatted drive. Simply boot Knoppix and after Knoppix tells you that you don't have sufficient memory, Knoppix will ask you where and how big of a swap file you would like.

    You also have a few other options:
    1) add more RAM
    2) use some other desktop, e.g. boot: knoppix desktop=xfce
    3) use only a command-line interface

    - Robert

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