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Thread: Is is possible to boot Knoppix from a USB hard drive?

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    Is is possible to boot Knoppix from a USB hard drive?

    I have an Internet Appliance without a CDROM or hard drive (it boots from flash memory). It will however boot from USB, and is built off standard x86 hardware.

    Is it possible to somehow copy the image from the Knoppix CD ROM onto the USB hard drive (on another PC) and then set up the USB hard drive to be bootable so I could boot Knoppix off the USB hard drive on the internet appliance?

    I think it is possible - I have seen how you can copy the image file from the CD to a hard drive, and then boot from the CDROM, which will then look on the hard drive for the image file (this is in case you have pcmcia cdrom on a laptop, and so once the cd boots, once it starrts knoppix, it loses the CDROM drive).

    Any sugguestions? I'd like to be able to boot up on this machine, then copy a basic linux/debian system to the flash to be able to use this as a linux internet station on my home network. If I could get knoppix to boot off the USB hard drive, it would make building the system on the flash memory SO much easier....


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    possible but needs quote some fixing. You need the necessary drivers in the initrd and load them correctly.

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