I finally found a linux version that does all the things I need right off the disc, and it looks great too.

I'm going to take the advice that is being given here and stop trying to get 4.0 to boot from the HD until I can actually do it myself. BTW I can get the debian install to boot but much prefer the knoppix look and feel and of course that's the one that stops booting at the "Kernel Panic not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block".

In the last couple of weeks I've tried Mepis, Ubuntu, Alinux, Ark Linux along with the Debian install on the Knoppix DVD. Nothing compares to Knoppix 4.0 for having all the right stuff for me anyway and my wife who needs Java for her specific surfing. As a rooky I was looking for a system that would do the basic things I needed right off the bat because I don't have a clue how to put it together myself,,,, yet. I've just registered for some night classes at the local college because my ignorance about Linux is driving me crazy.

Until then, can someone help me out with a few things.

I have a dedicated 1G desktop with 1G of memory and a 30g HD I've been trying to get Knoppix 4.0 to boot from. It has a DVD reader not a re-writer writer.
Anyway, with all the reading I've been doing I've come accross other possible setups, one that uses all that memory I have and the other is to save all my settings on the HD. Hopefully the live DVD boot will use the saved settings from the harddrive and I'll be able to use the system long term for mail and stuff.

So, how do I get the live DVD to include my personal settings (like e-mail account, surfing preferences) while booting?

Second, how do I get Knoppix to load more of itself into ram to speed things up. I read somewhere that Knoppix has a way of doing this when you have this much ram?

Or did I miss something here and is there a way I can make the Debian install on the disc look like the knoppix that boots up live?

Finally am I nuts trying to do this as a rooky or maybe this is a good way to get my feet wet?