Greetings to everybody that's gonna read this

I recently started using linux so the first thing I tried to do was setting up my i-net connection.
Because it uses pppoe protocol I first tried with `pppoeconf`. It found concentrator and I hit enter to all the questions it asked me and typed in the username and password i got from the ISP. Everything was ok but when it triggered the connection what happend was: `RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.3 compiled against pppd 2.4.2`
I have no idea what does it mean.I found information and tried other ways as entering manually DNS ,service-name and so on in bash shell but it doesn't help me.
What confuses me more is that in XP I connect to lan that's always on and at the same time I use pppoe too.As u can guess I'm not good in networking matter so a bit of help will be very useful to me.Thanks in advance