I was able to download and burn the 4.0 DVD last night -- what a great distro!

No big problems/ issues/ errors/ questions in this topic, just some gratitude:

* Wings3D - I love this app, and was surprised to see it included
* InkScape - A great addition to the tools
* Loads and loads of apps, productivity tools! Yes. Yes. Yes.

Is this an appropriate place to recommend Wink be added to the space remaining on the DVD?


The only problem I've come across with the DVD so far is that the Festival TTS speaks at a really fast rate -- probably festival's issue with a fast processor rather than anything to do with knoppix.

Does anyone know of a flag or command line trick to slow down festival?

Thanks! And again: wow, amazing, great, cool, wonderful!

EDIT: Oh, and home video editing tools (LiVES? Cinelerra?) seem like a bit of an omission.