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Thread: Boot failure

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    I have a similar problem but only after I do a knx-hdinstall. The CD boots most of the times okay, but it has hang a few times. The last time it hang after displaying the kde background picture. This has happened a few times now, even though the CD integrity checks out to be fine.

    I'm guessing your and my problems are hardware..?

    P4 2.4G 512Mb DDR400 40G HDD GeForce2 Pro

    Maybe its the P4 chip as the board supports P4/2 and I'm running a P4... Every time I boot it mentiones that another processor isn't found...

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    I moved your post as it is more appropriate in Hdd Install. Additionally, it would be advisable in the future to submit your own posts so that they are seen. But on to your appears that your MOBO is capable of using dual processors. Try booting like this:

    boot: knoppix nosmp (plus any other codes you normally need to boot). Then try your installation. OR if you feel up to editing /etc/lilo.conf you could simply add 'nosmp' to your append line.

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