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Thread: Counter Strike bragging rights!!

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    Counter Strike bragging rights!!

    ok... ok... now... i like playing counter strike... it has some of the most friendliest people on it (and sadly moronic noobs also)...

    so... have anyone done anything really really cool!!

    i have... i like threw this granade (AWWW COOOL!!! HE LIKE THREW IT!! AWSOME!!!)... and it like hit the ground and went behind this creat... 1 second later... some guy (WOOOOOOOOW!!! SOME GUY!!)... had to walk behind that same craet, and well...

    KABOOOOOOOOMMM!!! Finally... i got a kill... the end

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    Wow... great. One time, I was playing dust2 and there's that little tiny hallway that connects that one room to the bombsite (don't know if it's a or b, but it's the one that the CTs don't spawn on), I'm on terrorist and my brother and my friend are on CT. They both are in a straight line coming through that little hallway I mentioned, I whip out my AK and kill them both with 2 headshots from 1 bullet. I guess that might count as cool, I thought it was awesome anyway. Another time my brother's friend shot my with a headshot through a wall! Just a completely random bullet, he didn't even know my friend was behind said wall!

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    U guys can actuly run CS, my computer doesnt run anything under BF 1942 any more! I miss HL & CS.

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