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Thread: how to configure DNS for WLAN-card ath0

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    how to configure DNS for WLAN-card ath0


    how can I set a DNS server for my WLAN card (ath0) ?

    I've successfully managed to set an IP-address with "ifconfig ath0 ...." and have added a default GW, too.
    But how could I set a DNS for ath0 ?

    With "netcardconfig" it seems I can only set DNS for eth0 - but not for my WLAN-adapter ?
    (I have checked "iwconfig", but seems there is no option for setting a DNS there?)

    thank you

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    Edit the netcardconfig script:
    sudo kwrite /usr/sbin/netcardconfig
    Find this line:
    NETDEVICES="$(cat /proc/net/dev | awk -F: '/eth.:|tr.:|wlan.:/{print $1}')"
    Add ath.:| after the |
    NETDEVICES="$(cat /proc/net/dev | awk -F: '/eth.:|ath.:||tr.:|wlan.:/{print $1}')"
    Save the changes and exit Kwrite.

    Then run netcardconfig:
    Choose the ath0 device and use DHCP. It should be successful.
    Then check to see if it grabbed an IP Address:

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