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Thread: [fixed] Knoppix 4.0 2005-09-23 didn't boot.

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    [fixed] Knoppix 4.0 2005-09-23 didn't boot.

    I used same process as I have with multiple other live distros on a Thinkpad.

    The linux TAG version gave me much less trouble than the last two 4.0's.

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    I used same process as I have with multiple other live distros on a Thinkpad.
    Look at the process for downloading and burning to disc here:
    If you did anything different, you might want to look there, for a solution to your concern.

    How did you obtain your iso? Did you verify the MD5sums before burning? There are many incomplete isos on the mirrors right now and that will cause you grief when trying to boot. Did you burn the iso at a slow speed to compatible media of good quality?

    You have given very little information for anyone to be able to help you. I have no clue where it stops booting, if there are any error messages, exactly WHAT hardware your ThinkPad contains, how old it is, how much memory it has, or what, if any cheatcodes you have tried, etc. They had a few more than just one model of thinkpads over a number of years.

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    Thanks kindly for the advice. What eventually got it to work was simply trying a different brand of media: Verbatim did not work with K3B & my Memorex DVD burner, but Memorex brand DVD-R's did work. I'll be buying Memorex from now on. I was having problems even though the MD5 check was good.

    Given a good MD5 check a the beginning, I was ready to blame the vintage of the Knoppix image, because it failed to burn (with "verify written data" at end) or failed to boot (without "verify written data"). Silly me.

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    You gave me very little information to go by, in your original post. When someone has boot issues, I will take it from the very beginning and not assume that someone is doing the process correctly. The statement that you used the "Same Process" and implied that you were having issues with other discs, led me to believe that something was wrong with your discs or the process, or both. I provide the following for some more insight into the concern.

    The main reason I sent you to the downloading faqs is primarily that a good many boot errors are self inflicted. I, and many others, have posted about these issues in the past and few people seem to think it makes much difference, until it resolves their concern. Checking the iso MD5Sum or using BitTorrent to download the Official files from the Official source is paramount. Burning the disc improperly is the next cause for errors. Burning SLOWLY is the key. I have advised people on this ad-nauseum. Burning slowly allows the laser to make a better defined mark or "Pit" in the reflective surface. Some drives have trouble reading discs that were burned at a higher speed because they are less sensitive to the poorly defined marks made while burning at higher speed. All it takes is a good microscope to see the difference on a CD. Media is the next issue. If you burned the disc at higher speed, the speed is the most logical cause. If you burned at a slow speed, poor media compatibility is most likely your concern. Some drives do not burn certain media well. There are many different variables like dye color, dye type, reflective surface composition and reflectivity characteristics, along with the sensitivity of the reflective surface to the laser of the burner. Add to that the variables in the firmware calibration for different media. THEN you have issues with the READING Drives sensitivities to dye color, type, reflectivity, etc. It is prudent to use media that has proven to be compatible with BOTH the burning drive AND the reading drive. I have a notebook drive that is "supposedly" DVD-R AND DVD+R capable. It will only work properly with DVD+R media. It also prefers certain brands of media over others. Once I got that sorted out, the issues with that system went away. It is the same with many burners. Sometimes a firmware upgrade helps and sometimes not. Cheap garbage media is good for absolutely nothing but use as a small frisbee or reserved for target practice. Good quality Media is also important. I am surprised that the Verbatim Media did not work well for you, since I use +R and -R Verbatim with very few issues. I have also had very few issues with Memorex. It pays to check the drive manufacturer's site regarding recommended compatible media for BOTH the reader AND the burner and then testing some on your own drives.

    There were a few posts regarding certain brands of drives with burning and reading issues causing boot problems. Enabling DMA using a cheatcode appeared to resolve the issue. If your drive requires DMA to be enabled, you must do so in the later versions of Knoppix since it is disabled by default. (Cheatcode is "Knoppix DMA") It can affect BOTH reading AND Writing functionality of the drives in question. The Memorex drives were not mentioned, however.

    There are several good disc verification tools out there. I use the "Verify" option in Nero, but have used the Disc Inspector program from VSO Software with decent results. I use it with the drive that will be reading the disc to ensure compatibility. There are a few others, but I will not recommend them since I have too little experience using them to know if they are effective or not. It may also be a good idea to use one of these programs to identify the actual manufacturer of the media you are using. Some media is packaged and sold under certain brand names, but can be of widely different origins and manufacturers.

    I am glad to see that you did resolve the concerns and appreciate the post regarding your solution.

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    Interesting... I too, had problems with Verbatim producing coasters of that distro, until I used another media brand (Staples)

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    Good Day Folks,
    I had some problems with verbatim giving me coasters on the DVD-R media and had some Staples media handy. I do not know who makes their media but so far I have had very good luck with it for almost all my distros and I am only missing 3.4 and 3.5. Absolutelty one MUST do a slow burn if you don't want glitches.
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    I will be certain to take your concerns with Verbatim media into consideration. I have experienced very few problems with it in BOTH -R and +R versions AND by many of their ACTUAL manufacturers, so far. I don't use it exclusively or in large quantities, however. I buy quality media in bulk quantities from reliable sources, for most of my projects. I use primarily what has worked well for me in the past and pay close attention to the drive manufacturer's recommendations and the ACTUAL manufacturer of the media.

    Can you identify the manufacturer's code of the suspect discs? It would be helpful to know exactly which manufacturer of "Verbatim" discs you actually had trouble with. Were they purchased in bulk or retail? Were they purchased from a reliable source? (Yes, I have stated and experienced that Verbatim media is made by several manufacturers for Verbatim and SOLD under the Verbatim brand name, just to clarify the issue!)

    I would also caution you regarding "Staples" media. I have encountered "Staples" branded media from a few different manufacturers. The ones I presently have are DVD-R and appear to be made by CMC Magnetics and are identified as "CMC MAG AE1". I have had good results with these. These are identified as the SAME manufacturer as some of the Verbatim discs that I had on hand. I had some that were of a different manufacturer and did encounter some compatibility issues, although they were few. I don't remember the manufacturer and since my girlfriend decided to clean up one of my work areas, I can't just put my hand on the paper I wrote it down on. I'm sure it's still here somewhere, but I would have to think like her to figure out where she would have put it. I just can't seem to get inside an alien mind, so it will be discovered by accident when it's usefullness has expired.

    Any store brand media and some "Name Brands" are subject to variabilities such as manufacturers and quality. I would test the media before purchasing large quantities. Low quality or incompatible media is no bargain at any price. There are many forums concerning media as well as sites claiming to be the absolute authority on the subject. I visit a few from time to time, but have found the following one helpful on occasion. . They deal mostly with DVD Video player compatibility AND DVD writers with various media. I will NOT vouch for their accuracy or integrity, but sometimes the user comments are entertaining. I have provided the link here to illustrate my point AND so that you might begin some research into the various brands and types of media. If you look into Verbatim DVD media, you will notice that they also list Verbatim media from MANY different manufacturers AND that people have had varying degrees of success with the various manufacturers and NOT necessarily just with "Verbatim" Media in general.

    Now just add to this information that there are varying levels of quality within brands. Some discs are dumped as seconds and are usually found at bargain prices. Just because a disc is made by a particular manufacturer does not mean or ensure it's quality is good. There are also counterfeit discs on the market so be careful of where you buy them.

    So you thought you were using "Verbatim" discs and then went to Staples and got something different under the "Staples" brand name? Maybe not, you have to actually check the discs to find out!

    Doing a good "Slow Burn" is one of my many attributes! It does seem to be the ONLY "good" choice when you are referring to Discs!

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