I've just installed Knoppix 4.0.2 (CD version) on the HD of the PC in my office.
Everything looks fine but the following problem.

I've at my disposal a static IP address and I've not any problem to see the web starting from my PC.
Nevertheless, I can't connect by ssh to my PC STARTING FROM THE EXTERNAL.
The answer is always: "Connection refused".

What I've to do in order to be able to connect from the external?

Let me describe my further tries.
I thought the problem was in the firewall settings.
(BTW, am I right?).
Thus, I run firewall command (it gives the same as it starts from the menu Knoppix -> services -> Knoppix firewall)
and I tried to deactivate the firewall, but when I tried to save the configuration it answered to me:
"You have to create a persistent knoppix image first",
then I stopped because I thought the OS was still working as it was running from the CD.

Thank you for your kind help,

P.S. Since I've to install Linux also in a PC classroom (and I try to do it in a way the students can easily reconstruct at their home,
then I use knoppix) I'm very happy with this setting that doesn't allow to connect from the external for general purposes, but
not for the PC in my office that must be on all the time. With Knoppix 3.3 this problem didn't show up.