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Thread: Very odd crash

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    Very odd crash

    Good Day folks,
    I apologize if this isn't the right wayto do this but I don't use forums much except to lurk and learn ( occassionally post) I was in this DVD forum getting some info on the FD problem and for some odd reason My winbox crashed. I promptly moved to my Linux server ( SuSE 8.2 w/ 512 ram and 160GB HD) and opened up Konqueror and as soon as I hit the forum and before I tried to log back in I got this message that a scrpit on this page was causing KHTML to freeze and that promptly locked up the server. I have tried to Ctl - alt- del and ( Backspace also) without any luck. Each time it comes up and reestablishes konqueror and the page and the error message and will not allow me out of the loop. This effectively makes my server useless and I need it up by 0700 tomorrow. If any of the moderators have a clue or any of the really sharp folk I know are out there can help I would really appreciate it a lot.

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    I'll try to help,

    If you haven't rebooted the server, try ctl-alt-f2 to get a login, login as root and kill the process (konqueror). Presumably, even if the rougue process is still running the other processes on the server are still running so whatever the server is serving shouldn't be affected , although they may be slowed down by the loop.

    To kill the process:

    Get a command line prompt (see above), login as root. type: ps -A ; note the number of the konqueror process and type: kill xxxx, replacing xxx the process number.

    Type: man kill , if you want to see the manual page first.


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