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Thread: ntfs write support...

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    ntfs write support...

    i have knoppix 4 dvd and i don't know how to mount ntfs partition in write mode.
    Is there captive ntfs in the dvd or i must use other programs?
    Could you help me?


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    NTFS write mode is experimental and may corrupt your NTFS partition. Use it at your own risk.
    Search the forums for NTFS to find out more info.

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    Some more information is located at the folowing link:

    I strongly agree with Underscore's comments and that you take a substantial risk of corrupting your drive if you attempt to write to an NTFS partition using anything other than Windows or a Windows based tool or program. Micro$oft and NTFS does not play well with others.

    The following is from the page corresponding to Knoppix located here:

    *)A free (GPL) NTFS write support is currently under development. Experimental-friendly testers may find the corresponding tools and instructions for accessing rw-mounts of NTFS-Partitions, on the DVD (use at your own risk).

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