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Thread: A linux version of Endnote

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    A linux version of Endnote

    Hi, one reason that is stopping me from going all the way to convert to Linux for my machine is that I use a Windows based program called Endnote (a software to create bibliographic databases and also to cite while writing a paper in MS-Word). I havent been able to find a similar program that would work on a GNU-Linux system. Is anyone aware of such a program that I can use on Linux with OpenOffice? I had suggested ResearchSoft (the company that sells Endnote) that they should try to also release an Endnote version for Linux users but this is what I heard back from them:

    "There are no plans to create a Linux version of EndNote. Our Web-based
    bibliographic tool, WriteNote, works through a Web browser on all
    platforms - including Linux.

    We do hear requests for CWYW plug-ins for many different word processors
    fairly often and we would love to be able to accommodate this - but this
    is just not economically feasible. The MS Word CWYW plug-in is over 1
    million lines of C++ code that would need to be heavily customized, and
    tested for each application. We just do not have the staff bandwidth to
    do this for all [or even some] of the other popular word processors."

    I checked Writenote that the above email recommends but that is not exactly what I want. Anyway, would like to hear from others if anyone can provide some info about alternatives on Linux. Thanks.

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    I don't know of any specific software but I have read about Off-the-Wall: Back to School with Bibliographies

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    There's always CrossOver Office, which will allow you to easily install and use MS Word on Linux. There are two big drawbacks: CrossOver isn't free (as in speech or beer), and your Endnote application only runs with varying degrees of success, according to other CrossOver users.

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    Thanks. Those are useful suggestions. I think I will wait till I get a more reliable alternative to Endnote for Windows. I really love Knoppix so far and would like to move to running Debian from my hard disk once I get done with my dissertation defense. At least on one of my machines.

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