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Thread: HP Pavilion ze4904us (Broadcom 4306 chip) & WPC54G

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    HP Pavilion ze4904us (Broadcom 4306 chip) & WPC54G

    I had a problem with every driver except this one so here you guys go.... hope it helps...

    First you need the HP driver SP23107A, Extract the files, I used my handy USB Memory Card...
    Boot Knoppix

    Go to the Konsole


    Install the driver:

    ndiswrapper -i bcmw15.inf

    check by running:

    ndiswrapper -l

    It should say driver and hardware present

    then type:

    ndiswrapper -m

    Now type:

    modprobe ndiswrapper

    Now check with:


    If both ndiswrapper and the driver loaded your good to go, now hit the wireless activation button and the light should come on. You can now use the config scripts in the KNOPPIX menu the do the rest.

    I haven't tested this with other 4306 chips, I've got a Linksys WPC54G ver. 1.2 and it also is a 4306 Chip... Stay Tuned...

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    LinkSYS WPC54G ver. 1.2 Worked

    All I had to do was run the previous procedure and the plug the card in.....

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