Running 4.02CD on a Toshiba 2595CDT laptop with a 400mhz cpu, 192MG ram, and a 10GB hard disk. Live CD works FANTASTIC on this poor little machine. Partitioned the hd as follows; hda1 - 200MB swap, hda2 - Linux, hda3 - Linux, hda4 - Linux. Currrently doing a poor man's install from hda4, with a persistent home and config on hda3. Everything works great. Problem is hda2...I initially tried tohd=/dev/hda2..and the copy failed. hda2 won't mount, etc. Methinks there are bad sectors, etc in the area where hda2 resides. My question now that I get around to it is how can I find the errors, block them and make use of hda2?