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Thread: Attempted thread hijack, using a CD for Knoppix

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    Using a cd for knoppix

    I recently downloaded and burned the iso image for knoppix to a cd. However, when I tried to boot with it it takes forever and then the standard xp operating system loads. The disks contents won't display in my explorer and when I try populate the volume in device mangager and error occurs, saying it may be 1394 or windows 2003 usb and not a normal cd.
    Please help me figure this out, I don't know what went wrong and want to test linux on my home computer.


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    Your post was split into it's own thread and moved to a more appropriate forum. You were not giving a tip or technique, or commenting on an existing thread, you were asking a question apparently unrelated to the discussion going on in the old thread. Please start your own thread in the future when asking a new question, and look over the forum topics and try to pick an appropriate one.

    For issuses relating to proper burning of the CD, please read the downloading faq, found in the wiki by following the documentation link near the top of this page. This should resolve your problems.

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