Hello. I am working on a boot loader based on grub called Super Grub Disk for using merged into Knoppix.

Super Grub Disk helps you Restoring Grub on MBR automatically, activate partitions and more things but... I do not want to talk about the disk, I want to make a new Knoppix live cd with my system and I need to simulate the isolinux knoppix options such as:


or so.

So I want to ask you which are the most used options. I suppose that they will be the F1 screen options but if you could tell me what are the most used options and why do you use them... that's... what's the purpose of using them. What didn't work before enabling the option and what it does work after enabling the option.

Thank you.


The resultant new version of SGD will let you choose like a Grub Menu (Up Down Arrows and Enter) the many options for booting Knoppix and it will explain what means each of them. This is my idea.