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Thread: Connecting To The Internet

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    Connecting To The Internet

    Ok i've never used Linux (Knoppix) before and i'm really new to this Ok... I have problems connecting to the internet...

    I have a ADSL Modem.. "BT Voyager 100 - USB ADSL Modem". and my provider is AOL.... i've been trying to get to connect to the internet but no success ...

    thx please help

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    For USB ADSL modems you need much more work to do to connect to the net, sometimes it is impossible. Ethernet modems are much easier.

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    A lot of work...

    Due to failure to provide drivers, this is one of the biggest problems with Linux, modems and stuff that does't work. Due to lower quantities of customers, there is no money in writing and supporting drivers unless Linux folks decide to do the job.

    Google, google, google. Put in modem name, and the word linux, of course.

    Also, do not hesitate to try other live CD's, such as but not limted to, Kanotix. Sometimes a different distro picks up other drivers.

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