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Thread: linux distribution suitable for a dual-boot xp/linux system

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    linux distribution suitable for a dual-boot xp/linux system

    Well its me again - trying to find yet another linux distribution!
    You were all so helpful last time, this seems to be the best place to ask the question!

    Ok, so this is an AMD Athlon 64 processor, 1gb physical ram. windows xp currently installed. a blank 20gb partition available for linux.

    NETWORK: A D-Link 10/100 NIC
    VIDEO: ATI Radeon 9250 sapphire
    SOUND: Creative Sound Blaster Live! 4
    MOTHERBOARD: AsRock Dual SATAII 939 (NOTE: all drives on standard IDE, i don't use SATAII)

    I can re-install xp no problem if it gets messed up during the installation.

    Could anyone recommend a distribution that would be well-suited to running a windows/linux dual-boot system? I tried lunar linux - but, i am fairly new to the world of installing linux (knoppix ... thats about all the linux i've ever used ), and have no idea how to manually configure Lilo during that installation. I know xp is installed on hda1, there is a blank partition at hdb1, and hdb2 has my backup data.

    PREFERENCES (not required... just gonna throw these out as a guideline i figure... if you don't know what i want how can you help me find it?)
    WM: KDE
    KERNEL: 2.6
    REQUIRED PACKAGES: Samba, lynx
    BASED ON: Well i'd guess maybe debian, like knoppix ... i'm a little more familiar with it, but it doesen't make much difference to me.

    THANKS SO Much for all your help!

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    Either Kubuntu 5.10 or Suse 10.0. Kubuntu is KDE on top of Ubuntu (a Debian derivative). They both have been released within the last 2 months. Both have KDE, both use kernel 2.6 and both have good support for new hardware. Both have large community forums & websites. I use Suse 10.0 as a dual boot on my Thinkpad T23 and I really like it.

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    Very good candidate

    Good Hardware detection , Samba and lynx , KDE and quite similar to Knoppix and can dual boot

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