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Thread: KOPETE KILK not working with configure

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    KOPETE KILK not working with configure

    Becuase I am the "Scared-od-the-word-compile" linux newbie I am, I decided to Klik KOPETE, my client-of-choice.After a few hitches, The program ran. Then, I went to "Configure" to add my accounts. Look what greeted me:

    Why did this happen?

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    This happens doe to (what I consider) a flaw in KDE's design: plugins are loaded only when "kbuildsycoca" is run. This is a known issue with klik and we are still looking for a clean solution.

    A quick and dirty hack is to insert

    into the klik wrapper (before the line $KONSOLE "$BINARY""$@"). Please see for how to unpack and re-pack a cmg file.


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