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Thread: Password Issues

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    Password Issues

    I installed Knoppix 3.3 (using the Knoppix Install Option) onto the hard disk of my Toshiba Laptop. It detected all my hardware properly but I am having problems with password access . I am not asked to log on when booting up and when I want to do something which requires root access (like changing data/time) the administrative password I selected during install is not accepted.

    Is there a default root password which Knoppix thinks is still current - and can I reset the user and root passwords without knowing this default password if it exists?

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    More Info on Password Issues

    In addition to my previous problem - it seems Knoppix has not set up my user accounts as I selected during install from the liveCD and appears to be still operating in read-only mode with the Knoppix user account available

    Oh No .. I knew the install was too easy!!

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