I was installed knoppix 3.8 on my Toshiba notebook, it always stoped at this message :
Saving the System Clock time to the hardware clock . . . ( and it freeze !)javascript:emoticon('')
Already checking sysVinit Editor but couldn't find (understandjavascript:emoticon('')
Rolling Eyes ) any service related to
Anybody can help me?

Besides that, I cannot run my sound chipset. It was noticed as realtek hd soundchip.
Already installed the alsa driver from manufacturer but still cannot make it work! javascript:emoticon('')
Laughing. Any Suggestion?

Why I cannot logged on to X as a root? I cannot mount my usb flash more conviniently.

I really apreciate somebody could help me, and because of my bad english, I even couldn't speak more politely than this :
please help me!javascript:emoticon('')
Embarassed God bless you!javascript:emoticon('')
Very Happy