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Thread: Internet and LAN problem

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    Internet and LAN problem

    First of all please be patience with me (novice user)

    Problem : i cant connect to internet and my LAN.

    Knopix : Ver. 4.0 (live CD)

    My internet connection: ADSL

    My modem : 4 port; conecting with 3 computer (all windows system)

    Ethernet controller : Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

    Usually in windows i just change my IPaddress and the workgroup i can go surfing the net and open the other computer sharing folder.

    Already try with "netcardconfig" command and choose yes in the "use DHCP broadcast", and the result is : "sending DCHP broadcast from device eth0Operation failed"

    Already trying answer no and setting up the IPaddress the result : ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
    route add default gw
    auto ;p eth0
    Setting Nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf to IInet
    but still no internet connection.
    What should i do? If you need more information about the problem please tell me and i will trying to give you the information.
    Thank for your time.

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    To start with, you gave a lot of information, but not quite enough to insure good feedback. For example, that your modem has 4 ports seems to indicate that it has a built-in router, but why not tell us the make and model of the modem/router to be sure and clear? And I have seen some network problems that were only tracked down because we knew features or limitations of the particular router in question. You also say that you have a Realtek Interface, but that's a brand (usually associated with wireless cards) and not a model number or even a speed indication? What model is it? Is it a 10/100 interface, or a 10/100/1000 interface or something else? It sounds likely that Knoppix isn't dealing with this interface properly, so it matters a lot just what it is. And if it's on a PCI card and you can swap in a different NIC (doesn't everyone have spares lying around like I do?) then I would try doing that.

    On the other hand, since the error message was that DHCP failed rather than eth0 does not exist, there may be a router issue. If you have access limited to certain MAC addresses, turn that off. But I have seen one router (a Belkin) that would not handshake with Knoppix properly. You can say no to the netcardconfig question and then manually try to set up the connection. If that works then I expect it is a router issue and changing the NIC will not help.

    On unrelated issue; you don't have 4.0 CD since there was never a 4.0 CD released. You likely have 4.0.2 CD. Yes, little details likel this matter when trying to communicate a problem with others. Had we been talking about the DVD release then there could have been some confusion since 4.0, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 are all diffferent releases.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    ok my modems is : D-Link (DSL-G604T) Have wireless interface as well.
    Sorry i dont know about 10/100 interface thingy.

    My Realltek Dont have any wireless interface

    Now after a few setting i already connect to the internet (IPconfig issue).

    But now i still cant see other computer (windows system computer), and cant access their file.

    Is it possible for Linux to connect to windows system and sharing files?

    And about the knopix version : i dunno but as soon as i get into knopix desktop its said that it is knopix 4.0
    P.S : Got this CD from magazine.

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    > Is it possible for Linux to connect to windows system and sharing files?

    It is. Open a console and type
    sudo mount -t smbfs //WINDOWSBOX/SHARENAME /mnt -o lfs,username=YOURNAME,passwd=PASSWORD
    Substitute capitalized items as appropriate. There is probably a way to do this via GUI,
    but I wouldn't know about that. If you want to access files on your linux box from windows
    you need to configure Samba (which IIRC is in the knoppix menu).

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