HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix (Experimenal Version) is released.
6.5MB ISO file: xenoppix_http_all_testing-20060105.iso
MD5: 229fb45c224ca134285bac47321212d8
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HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix is a combination of 1CD Linux "KNOPPIX", Virtual Machine Monitor "Xen", and network block device "HTTP -FUSE CLOOP". HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix enables to boot Linux as Guest OS and Plan9 and NetBSD as Guest OS with a 6.5MB bootable CD.

HTTP-FUSE CLOOP is a network block decide which re-constructs a block device from many small block files of HTTP servers.
Driver of HTTP-FUSE CLOOP is made from "cloop(Compressed Loopback block device)" and "FUSE(Filesystem USErspace)". Following Figure shows the implementation of HTTP-FUSE CLOOP.