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Thread: klik client install

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    klik client install

    I'll start with full revelation; I have no Linux knowledge so it is possible that I am missing the most simple and obvious of steps. Having said that.....I'm trying to install klik while booted from a Knoppix cd. [My larger goal is to be able to run vmware from a bootable cd, if you have a solution to this problem I would love to hear it.]

    I have booted off knoppix and entered the command
    wget - 0 | bash

    It appears that a download of 15397 k occurs but when it tries to run the app it fails. I have the following output to my screen:
    --10:28:01-- http://-/
    => 'index.html'
    Resolving -... failed: name or service not known.
    --10:28:01-- http://0/
    => 'index.html'
    Resolving 0...
    Connecting to 0||:80... failed: Connection refused.

    FINISHED --10:28:01--
    Downloaded: 15,397 bytes in 1 files

    Am I correct in interpreting that it is trying to reach back to the site and is failing in that connection? Is there something that I should have done prior to that command? Am I missing something? Everything?

    Thanks for any help.

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    The command you have typed is not correct. It is missing a "-". Best is to copy & paste the command from the klik homepage.

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