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Thread: Questions on setting up a Persistant Hard drive image

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    Questions on setting up a Persistant Hard drive image

    Now that I've gotten Knoppix to work and connect to the net I need to do a couple of other things to finish setting up for regular use. I am using Knoppix version 4.0.2. First off, I have available on my hard drive a FAT formatted 10GB partition that can be dedicated to Knoppix/Linux use. Since I would prefer to free up my CD drive I need to transfer the Knoppix image to that hard drive partition and use the boot time cheat code. Am I correct in thinking that this should be done before I set up the persistant disc image/home directory with the persistant image using only the space remaining after transferring the Knoppix image? How to best go about this? Use a single partition or divide it into two? Second, when booting the system should the cheat codes for FromHD and Home=scan be entered separately or combined and if combined what would be the correct format?


    Alice R.

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    Re: Questions on setting up a Persistant Hard drive image

    To create a persistant image use the 'tohd' cheatcode, and then the 'fromhd' one. To have the remaining hd space avaible for persistent home (or other data) you have to create a separate partition because knoppix mount in read_only mode the which one that contain knoppix loop image.
    Cheatcodes have to be typed in a way like this **knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1 config=scan lang=en** therefore separatly.

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    Persistant Image success...

    Partly in the interest of keeping things simple and because a friend has given me a stand alone CD burner thus making freeing up the CD drive a moot point I've successfully run the mkimage script and am kind of glad I didn't try to divide that 10GB partition that I set aside for it - The image as it stands now is well over 4GB and will grow as I customize and add things to the basic Knoppix setup - better some growing room! Thanks to all who offered advice and answers when I needed them.

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